Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Small pleasures

Here are a few joys I savor as a mom of my 4 little ones!

Isaiah was begging me to do fingerpaints. His face says it all.

This guy Noah loves art. He went and found his own prop to make his picture more creative.

Elliana's work includes make-up.

Ellie's 'big girl bed' and our second favorite book called "McDuff Saves the Day". P.S."Caps for Sale" is her favorite.

I love how kids don't need a lot to bond and have fun! This moment was "enriched" by the joy of jumping on a table!

Remember those forts you used to build with anything your parents would allow you to use?

Ellie's fort, compliments of Elisha.

I am a blessed Mama! I have creative, happy, animated (Yup! We don't lack any of that in our home!), smart, loving and affirming children! If I could only tell you how many hugs, "I love you Mama" comments and laughs my days are full of! I hope you've enjoyed a little peek into my simple pleasures.