Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moments Together

It always amazes me how just a few moments spent with my children gives them an opportunity to open up their hearts.  We had been away from school for almost 6 weeks and I kept telling myself to set aside some time for a fun project with the smaller ones.  I pulled out a colorful box, filled with beads of all shapes and sizes, as well as ones with letters for spelling out your name.  Squeals of delight came from Elliana as she fingered through all the colors. Noah and Isaiah joined in the fun and we all built a bracelet or neck less.

After a few quiet moments of concentration, Noah turned and said, "Mama, I just don't like when you get kinda mad.." Gulp. Kinda mad? I humbled myself and started a dialog that went something like this; "I'm sorry Noah. I don't like it either. I never liked that when I was your age..." I then repented to him, and opened up my heart's prayer this week, which had been asking God over and over again for the fruits of the Spirit to spill into my heart. To be a woman of JOY. To walk in true surrender, which then turns into true eucharisto (thanksgiving), which then is a life true joy. Ok, I think I stopped at the fruits of the Spirit part with Noah, or else it may have turned into a monologue.  Just after we finished sharing hearts, Isaiah piped up, "Mama, I lov-e that you're always home!" Oh, my heart surged with joy! All the days that I feel are just "normal living" mean far more to the heart of a child!  He then went on to ask question after question about death, where one goes, if he'll actually die, and who will rise again.  I realized that those questions did not just come up at that moment, but had probably been stirring in his heart over time, waiting for a safe opportunity to ask.

Just taking a few moments to string a few beads together turned out to be a moment to savor, think about, and treasure up in my heart.  I was confronted, convicted, and affirmed by my children's hearts.  All because I made time to be and to listen.