Friday, February 17, 2012

Come unto Me

It had been a long week. The heat had sufficated us each day and night, keeping us tired, perspiring, edgy, and weak. There is something about creation dying and withering that pulls my soul away from worship. It hangs on me, like a garment. It is like a bell, sending out its daunting gong, proclaiming, "Wear the curse." "Wear death." Then I shake my head to clear the tolling bell and look to those glorious heavens. I'd pray for rain, hoping, longing, waiting.

God then gave me a little gift. A reminder that He hasn't forsaken us in the midst of the unbearable sun that spares no one of its wrath. Keith and I were out for a late walk, just around dusk. We were still sweating, but the sun was down from the sky, giving us a bit of a break. We came upon one of these trees. The beauty from afar was quite stunning. We both looked in awe and just smiled. As Keith plucked off a branch, I breathed in its delightful aroma. Incredible. The awe within me was for the life that was in my hands. Living, breathing, fragrant blossoms. It struck me that even though it is like a dessert here, amid the dust and cracking ground, there is enough moisture in the ground to produce this miracle. I brought my branch of hope home with me and put it in a vase on my table. The boys all inhaled, one by one, also savoring its life breath. Elliana and I plucked off one small blossom each, putting them in our hair and smiling at one another's 'glamour'.

These flowers sat on my table for a few days, and kept my heart open, full, hopeful. Once God opened my eyes to this profound beauty, I noticed all the flowering trees were in full bloom. How had I missed it before? Were they aware of something I was missing? Were they expecting rain more then I was? Were they able more than I to produce beauty amidst dry death? I was focused on death. On the dying. On dust...Yes, I am but dust, yet if He creates and cares for these flowers in the midst of death, will he not care for me? If He can elicit beautiful worship from these trees during this season, can not I also reveal His beauty in the dry heat of life? Can He not bring me life and refreshment in this season? Truly he will, if I have eyes to see and a heart to respond. He is more than rain to me!

"Come unto me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you will find rest for your souls." Matt 11:28, 29b