Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updated Wish list (5/30/11)

This is for all who have asked while we were on home assignment for ideas for care packages! Here's your list! My mom has found that items mailed in a bubble envelope get here within 9-21 days. It is also cheaper to mail them that way. Don't believe the post office people that Priority Mail is quicker- it's the same as regular "air mail". Any box sent our way can take from 3 to 6 months to get here! So, better to send out a few bubble envelopes then to mail a box. Our mailing address is: Keith and Laura Beth McFarland C/O New Hope Uganda, P.O. Box 16, Luwero, Uganda, East Africa. There are also times a team can bring out items for us, so if you're hoping for that, please contact us and we can send you an address for doing so.

-CD's or DVD's of your favorite, recent music or movies! Kid/adult
-Kids books
-Chocolate chips -Gheradelli's semi-sweet is dairy free
-Gluten free beef jerky!
-Gummy worms/bears
-M&M's -peanut or coconut OR Reeces' pieces
-Extracts -maple, coconut,raspberry, banana, mint (put in ziplock)
-Crystal Light -all flavors
-Granola bars (gluten free and regular)
-Fruit snacks
-Walnuts or Pecans
-Chocolate -both dark without milk and with milk
-Seasoning packets -Please please check ingredients for dairy and wheat! Both are not welcome!(put in a ziplock before mailing!
*Taco (Ortega, Trader Joe's and Old El Paso are safe)
*A Taste of Thai -all kinds
*Shredded Pork (McCormicks SLOW cookers) A Favorite!
*Italian salad dressing

-Gluten free Oats, Potato starch, and tapioca flour! These can be mailed in a ziplock bag + a bubble envelope or with a team. These are VERY needed gluten free cooking/baking items!
-Gluten free brownie, cake, or bread mixes. Betty Crocker's new Gluten Free brownie mix is available at most supermarkets now and is fantastic!
-Tea -an assortment of both herbal and regular (also ziplock them as the flavors can permeate other things)
-Coffee -reg or decaf! Decaf is no longer available in the country, so it's a hot item! We love Starbucks via too! We enjoy both Dunkin Donuts (inc. French Vanilla) and Startbucks.

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