Sunday, December 4, 2011

Created for Relationship

I've had these thoughts stewing around in my mind for some time, especially after studying womanhood throughout the first half of this year, and hearing our theme of "Relationship" throughout the entire year. It all starts with the question, "Why are we here?" It can apply to any aspect of life -mothering, parenting, serving, schooling, teaching, working, etc. Our cultures continually communicate we are in a job or a season of life for ourselves, to feel good, to gain success and fame, to climb the corporate ladder. But is that why God set us on this earth and gave us a task to do? Deep down, our spirits say no. We were created for much more the the temporal. What then? His glory is the greatest answer, but the one that follows is the answer I've been thinking through. Relationship.
We worship our Creator through giving Him our lives, and this is done through relationship. What makes our faith different from the world if it were not for our God-man, who came to this earth, related to mankind in relationship, offering life eternal through faith in him and in relationship?

What are you thoughts? Do you long for relationship? To be known and to know others? Please, share your thoughts.


  1. for sure! I think that is why humans dread loneliness almost more than anything...AND for my personally moving here the hardest part has been leaving relationships. Thanks for sharing =)!

  2. I think that is so true and without eachother we often miss the perspective we need to grow and change. It's pretty easy to sit in a room by yourself and tell yourself you've got it all together. :) But, it's even better to have someone know you and know your struggles, love you anyway, and spur you on to growth! Those real relationships are few and far between and I think the generations before us have even fewer.

    Just a musing, but it would seem to me that when the Christian culture decided it had the right to label/categorize our sins into big and little and react to them in accordance, that people would shy away from showing their true self. Judgement can do so much more damage than good.

    Thankful for you my sweet friend! You can come and go in proximity, but you are always in my heart! :)